The Ogiek
An in-depth report by John Kamau, Rights Features Service

Appendix Part 4

We do recommend the following to the Kenya Government:

a) Give undertakings that the Ogieks will no longer be harassed and that their right to the ancestral land will be respected.

b) Enact the Ogiek Land Act that will give the Ogieks the right to inhabit the forests in the Central Rift Valley and traditionally conserve them on behalf of their children and in line with the Forest Act of Kenya.

c) The Mau Forest be degazetted as a forest and set aside as a habitation zone of the Ogiek. The said forest should be preserved under the Ogiek Land Act. The government should thus stop the enforced assimilation of the Ogiek.

d) Prosecute those behind the destruction of Mau Forest and take positive measures that will allow the Ogiek contribute to a multicultural nation.

e) A total boycott of timber harvested at the Mau Forest until such a time that the Ogieks right to livelihood is restored and respected. MORE>>



Ch. 1: Ogiek: History of a Forgotten Tribe
Ch. 2:
The Struggle Begins, The Struggle Continues
Ch. 3:
The Closed Society

Ch. 4:
Wanton Destruction
Ch. 5:
Promises and More Promises
Ch. 6:
Threats and Lies
Ch. 7
: The Court Battle
Ch. 8:
The Aftermath

Pt. 1:
The Ogiek Community Submission before the Njonjo Land Commission
Pt. 2: Epilogue
Pt. 3: Conclusions
Pt. 4: Recommendations

Annex 1: Declarations on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities
Annex 2
: The African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights
Annex 3:
Legal Instruments that Govern Land in Kenya

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