The Ogiek
An in-depth report by John Kamau, Rights Features Service


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This premiere work on the Ogiek tells the story of an ethnic minority that resides in the highlands of central Rift Valley of Kenya. It details the consistent harassment of this community by the administration and the threat to evict them from their ancestral land.

We hope that this work will open up debate on the Ogiek and lead to their defence as a minority group.

We are grateful to the US-based Digital Freedom Network (DFN) who generously supported this research and especially the Executive Director, Bobson Wong, who has had faith in RFS since inception in 1999. RFS continues to be inspired by its partnership with DFN.

We are also grateful to our researchers, and many sources of information, Kenya National Archives, Kalamka Ltd library, and British Council library, Nairobi and to all Ogiek elders who constantly kept in touch as this research progressed. We do hope that their rights as a minority group and an indigenous community will be respected. MORE>>



Ch. 1: Ogiek: History of a Forgotten Tribe
Ch. 2:
The Struggle Begins, The Struggle Continues
Ch. 3:
The Closed Society

Ch. 4:
Wanton Destruction
Ch. 5:
Promises and More Promises
Ch. 6:
Threats and Lies
Ch. 7
: The Court Battle
Ch. 8:
The Aftermath

Pt. 1:
The Ogiek Community Submission before the Njonjo Land Commission
Pt. 2: Epilogue
Pt. 3: Conclusions
Pt. 4: Recommendations

Annex 1: Declarations on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities
Annex 2
: The African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights
Annex 3:
Legal Instruments that Govern Land in Kenya

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